Monday, March 11, 2013

March Maddness

I woke up yesterday morning to the realization I had set the clocks backwards instead of forwards. I was like a crazy woman trying to get everyone up & ready. Jami was originally suppose to get up extra early so he could go to church earlier than normal to do the bulletin & the words for the screen. He was called out to work before he ever made it from the bed to the shower. Now he would be even further behind. I was moaning, groaning & complaining about my back as I was still runny around frantically( I think you can envision 5 of us going crazy & what the house must have looked like), then my phone rang. It was Joey with the very sad news about the death of a sweet young lady. She was someone who grew up just down the road from me. Visited my house as a child & her cousin was one of my best friends as a teenager. The call just put everything else into perspective. All my family was home safe, my Sunday morning troubles were nothing compared to what others were dealing with. I can't imagine the pain her family is feeling right now & in the days to come. I think Joey said it all yesterday. You better know Christ & I mean really know him....have a personal relationship with Him because we never know what tomorrow will hold. I hope you & those important to you have that relationship!

God definitely blessed us Saturday at the yard sale. Is still can't believe we raised $1620.00. It was amazing! I am so thankful for those who worked & donated to make it all possible. Besides making a huge amount of money, I enjoyed the day being around the parents, talking & getting to know each other better. We also had the nicest shoppers. I even had a elderly lady come in, prob in her 80's, that said she attended the church when she was a child. The day was truly a blessing for me!

March is a busy month so let's get to it. this Wed. night Katie Smith will teach upstairs in the green SS room on missions.  Sunday I need to meet with all of the parents who are going on the trip or who have children going to fill out some paper work & go over behaviour requirements from the aquarium. (Sounds like we are planning on going to boot camp or something) Wed. night March 20, we will be learning the Easter story & cooking an Easter dessert. It will be a pastry that resembles the tomb being empty after Jesus arose. We did it last year during Sunday school & the kids enjoyed it so this yr I thought we would do it on Wed. night where more kids would get to take part. They actually do the work themselves so it is hands on. March 22 will be the lock in. 7-7. I will still need parents to help so please let me know if you are free. I can not do it with just 2 or 3 moms. March 25 will be the Chattanooga trip. I'll have all the information on that during our meeting Sunday. I am planning on ordering tshirts for the trip. As soon as I know a price I'll let you know, should be today or tomorrow.  I do have room for a few more children for the Chatt. trip. It would be about $70.00 a person if someone is interested in going. Must be at least 6 yrs. old per the aquarium. If there is any coupon book money out I need to get that asap. Wed. March 27 falls on spring break so we will play games & hopefully enjoy some nice outside weather. The Easter egg hunt will be March 30 @ 2 pm. Rain or shine. There will be no children's church Easter Sunday, March 31.

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