Monday, May 21, 2012


Memories are so special to me and I am so blessed that I have racked up over the years so many special church related memories. You can add the Saturday night Baron's game to that list. You know I am not a baseball fan but I really enjoyed Saturday night. I enjoyed getting to know the adults in the van better and the atmosphere at the ballpark and of course the funnel cake & pizza. Unfortunately, I will probably never forget that I went all the way into the mens bathroom right up to the urinals without paying any attention until I got to close!! I LOVED the fireworks and the ooh and ahhs of the kids watching those fireworks will be in my memory forever. I know the kids will file those memories away for safe keeping too. I think when they are older they will remember riding that old church van, loaded up w/ sugar snacks, praying as a group outside the ballpark, eating all that food & let me tell ya , we have some skinny kids that can put some food away, getting autographs & of course I don't think they will forget those fireworks! I hope when they are older they can say I went here and there with my church and had a blast. I hope they tell their children all about it and have a desire to make sure their kids are in church & know about Jesus. I hope we have kids who become adults who are not afraid to stand in public somewhere like a ballpark & say ok now lets pray before we go in. The events & fun activites are important but how they see us add Jesus to the mix is the most important! I will be out of church on VACATION Sunday & Wednesday but wonderful adults are covering the classes! Shay Layton will teach Sunday school next week, John & Bridget Sims has children's church & Allison will teach Wednesday night. Here is a huge list of everything for the month of June!! Oh and I almost time we have pickle palooza I'll limit the kids pickle intake since we had one vomit pickles the next day!! haha lol!! Hopefully nobody will vomit ice cream this week!

May 23   Ice cream party

From now until June 6th "Operation Ben Clough"  boys summer clothing drive sizes 6 - 14. Anytype  new summer clothing, socks, underwear & shoes will be donated to the Etowah Mission Center in memory of Ben Clough. There is a box for donations on the table in the hall close to the office.

June 13th wed. night kids Katie Smith & Mollie Williams will teach on missions and the 5th grade boys will take the van to Sonic for ice cream. Send money with your child. Leave church @5:45 be back by 7:00.

June 15th Trussville Playstation. I think we will leave the church at 6:00 but I will let you know forsure by Wed. night. This is for all kids. I was also hoping to get us a ticket price around 15.00 but it is looking like 20.00 per child is the best I can do. There are restrictions on height for the go karts so check out trussville playstations website to make sure you child can ride. Just put this date down as a definate activity & I'll have more info coming soon.

June 17th  Doughnuts With Dad. In celebration of Father's Day the kids and their Father's & Grandfathers will have doughnuts before Sunday school as a  time just to sit & relax together. 8:45 til 9:15 

June 22nd Community wide movie night in the gym. Featuring " Yogi Bear". Free concessions & I will need some volunteers to help w/ that.

Each Wed. we will still have a lesson or devotion but we try to mix even more fun into the mix since it is summer. Still hoping to have a pool party! VBS is scheduled for July 23-27 and I know Allison will be looking for lots of volunteers. Would love any cheap ideas for trips. Have a great week & I'll see you all Wed. night!

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  1. Even though me and my family are members of Southside Baptist Church we have always considered WBBC our 2nd church because a few years ago our son visited with Dakota Garmon every Wednesday night for about a year and a half and so we got to know a lot of the members. This was along the time that the church was growing and I have always been interested in what is happening at WWBC and it has been great to see what God is doing at WWBC. I continue to be interested in and pray for the people of WWBC and and I have a lot of friends who are members there. Keep up the Godwork!

    Joan Coker