Monday, May 14, 2012

When God called me, He equipped me with Women of GREAT INFLUENCE!

Big thank you to all the church parents who wrote such sweet notes in my card & for the Red Lobster gc. I appreciate you all acknowledging me! I love you all and your kids and I am so blessed to get to work w/ each of them!
Yesterday in church you heard some comments about mother's and their influence on their children. I wanted to take a minute and talk about women in general & their influence on others. When we 1st started going to WBBC I really did not want to be there. I fought God, HARD!! You have heard me say this many times.. it was all old people.  I finally gave into God's will and in me His work began. I can look back now and see why God place me at a church w/ so many old people. I needed to learn & receive encouragement from them. Once I decided to try and start a kids program they were right behind me. Mrs. Carr would call me and say have you tried this or looked here for that & then lifted me up w/ words of encouragement. If I needed help trying to find a Bible verse, I would call Mrs. Johnson. Never once did she act like I was a bother. She always new exactly what I was looking for. I also learned about being dedicated and faithful to the church by watching Mrs. Carr & Mrs. Broom. Both were sick and longed to be at church. I would watch Audrey Broom on Sundays, wearing a scarf on her head (she was battling cancer) go up to visitors and welcome them. I struggle w/ being shy but I told myself, if Audrey can do this so can I. I started praying that God would help me overcome my shyness. I would go into the bathroom and pray before I came into the sanctuary & over time God has slowly taken my shyness away. Sometimes, I still have to go pray about it but for the most part I can say it doesn't bother me to walk up to a visitor & welcome them into the church. I also find myself thinking of them when I am not in the mood to go to church or if I am just not feeling well that those ladies were heartbroken when they could not be in church. Cancer and bad lungs tried to keep them from the church but any chance they had they were there being dedicated & faithful.  If Audrey Broom can shake hands while fighting cancer my tiredness is not a reason to stay home. Those women probably had no idea they were influencing anyone. So I wonder if us younger women have thought about who we might be influencing. Not just our own children but think of the child who sits on the pew with you or the young mother struggling to get all her kids to church. Are we influencing them the right way? Do we lift them up w/ words of encouragement. I hope to do better at this. I want to be a woman of Godly influence on others. I know I still have a long way to go as a Sunday school teacher and still alot to learn but I still receive so much encouragement from my church family. God called me to work w/ kids ( I don't know why but I am glad He did) but He also equipped me w/ Godly women at WBBC that I was able to learn from and continue to learn from. I am so thankful for that!

Don't forget Pickle Palooza Wed. night 6 om
Barons game Sat. night. Meet at the church at 4
Wed. night May 23 Ice cream party 6 pm

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