Tuesday, May 1, 2012

YEAH It's May

Yeah! It's May is what is being said at my house today. The boys are so excited that they only have  a few weeks of school left. They graduate May 23 from the 5th grade and move to the middle school for the new school year. It still seems like yesterday when Jami & I took the boys in for kindergarten registration. As they have grown in size & intelligence, I have also seen a real growth in their spiritual life. The boys have done really well in school, made lots of friends, been student of the month several times but the thing I am most excited about & remember more than any other time was the day they were both saved! This year in our children's dept is bitter sweet for me. I have taught my own boys at church on Wed. nights now for 7 years. Of the original 1st group of kids I worked with they are the last to leave me. They will be considered youth this fall and will not be in my Sunday school class or Wed. night kids. Besides my own boys, there is several other boys who have been with me for several years now and they will move up to youth too! I really can't imagine going into Sunday school or Wed. nights and not having them there with me. At times I thought they would drive me crazy but the truth is I love them and will really miss them. I have seen most of them saved and baptised and that has been an awesome privilege and blessing for me. I know God has plans to use each of them as they move on up in school and I am excited to see God work in their lives!

Remember the kids have practice for the Mother's Day program This Wed & Sunday,  & then a dress rehersal Sat. May 12, 5:00-6:30.  I'll feed them pizza that night.

May 9th  Wednesday night kids: Katie Smith & Mollie Williams teach missions
May 16th Wednesday night kids: PICKLE PALOOZA PARTY
May 19th is the Barron's game ( I do not have leaving time yet)
May 23rd Wednesday night kids: ICE CREAM PARTY to celebrate end of school yr!! WOO HOO

I am still working on some ideas for the summer. Tentative plans are for all the kids & parents to go to the Trussville Playstation Friday night , June 15th. I am still working on the best ticket deal for that, but for the moment if you are budgeting it in plan on 15.00 per child. I am hoping we will schedule in a pool party so if anyone wants to volunteer their pool I'll gladly accept! lol Looking for some cheap ideas so if you have some please share! Have a great week!

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  1. okay this made me cry! still cant believe brandon will be in middle school next yr...thank you for all you do for the kids, brandon loves church and it's so important to get them to love it while they're still young so they will be grounded in it when faced with the tough decisions that are to come!