Monday, May 7, 2012


WOW! Church was so emotional for me. God just always delivers and I felt his presence so strongly this weekend. Arlo had asked me previously in the week to be a driver for the scavenger hunt. My twins had spend the night plans & I lined up my mother in law to keep Jack for me. Jami had worked Sat. so I really wasn't into driving. Nothing against the youth but rarely are all our kids gone & I really thought if I didn't need to drive Jami & I would go out to eat that night. I went on to the church & surprisingly met Jami there early (rarely does he get off on time if he works a Sat.) Kids & parents started coming in & Arlo asked me to drive. Looked like a good dinner was out of the question. But God knows what we need, when we need it! I ended up w/ 3 great girls. Katelyn, Maggie, Joy & we picked up an extra while out... Madison. Those girls were such a pleasure to hunt with! I am always with boys so it was so refreshing to have girls with me, to hear their giggles & see excitement. That better be the only time I ever see those girls in a police car again! lol We didn't win but I truly felt like a winner just because of the experience. Arlo had a speaker lined up. He talked about as young people we went to church & knew who God was, but as youth sometimes do, got into some wrong things. One thing turns into another then you have done something else wrong. Boy, have I been there. Then he spoke about as an adult he finally found God for real. He said to us," I know you know who God is or you wouldn't been here in this church tonight, but does God know you?" WOW..I hope God knows you!

Then came the relay for life video at church. Cancer has definitely hurt so many of us. It was great to see a picture of Ben. I loved the Clough's shirts they wore yesterday.  They said,  IN LIKE BEN & had heaven on there. What a family! Then Katelyn & Arlo speaks. God made a beautiful young lady when He made Katelyn, so honest & so loving! She puts it all out there & that is how us adults should do it too! God is doing a great work thru Arlo right now. Well I have rambled enough. Here is what is going on this month for the kids.

This Wed. night will be missions w/ Katie Smith & Mollie Williams
Saturday May 12  Kids meet at church 5:00-6:30 for Mother's Day dress rehearsal & pizza supper.
Sat. May 19 Barons game

Children's Church schedule
May 20th Allison Williams
May 27th John & Bridget Sims

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