Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sharing Some Thoughts

I had to post early & share these thoughts with you. As a parent trying to raise Christian sons, sometimes things can be difficult or trying.  The twins have grown up in church. They have always gone to Sunday school & Wednesday nights. As toddlers they sat in preaching without making a sound. Church has never been an issue. They knew they were expected to go and that was it. They prayed from an early age and even wanted to ask God into their hearts at an early age. They did ask Jesus into their hearts when they were both 9. They twins pray all the time. They pray before they have a snack, before a meal & in the car going to school. So this morning the prayer seemed a little rushed & not so heart felt. I asked then both do you mean your pray or is it just a formality now. I really thought the answer was going to be well you have always made us do it.. So we just do it. With a little prodding I started asking prayer questions. Do you pray other times during the day? What do you pray about? I have this fear that I have made them be “religious” and what I want is for them to have their own personal relationship with God. Thankful, so far my fear was wrong. They each started to explain to me that yes they do pray a lot of regular prayers over their food or our morning ride to school but that they also pray in silent at school, say a blessing at lunch without me, pray when they go to bed. Each one said they pray to God when they feel a need or trouble. Sounds like a personal relationship to me. Now on to Jack. He only wants to go to church to play basketball! Prayer with him has been much more difficult as well as sitting in church. I know some of you have noticed that! Lol He half says his prayer at night & I have to make him resay it every night.  Our prayer in the car with him on the way to school is nothing like the calmness I want it to be. I am repeatedly telling him to bow his head, praying is serious. He refuses to say amen some mornings. This morning was another one of that morning. He said nothing when I said amen. I prompted him, “Jack say Amen”. NO! In my “mother is telling you to do it now” voice I told him he better say it.  Finally, I got a soft amen, He asked about Santa the other day & I thought this is a great time to try to explain that yes presents are great but the real reason for Christmas is the birth of Baby Jesus.  He looked to the sky and I said God is up there, & he said nope Santa is! Anyway, times can be trying when we parents are trying to explain this stuff to little ones, sometimes even older ones but I know that I am doing the right thing. One day it will all click for him & he’ll ask Jesus into his heart…. Until then I am relying on my favorite verse for parenting; Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6. I hope yall have a blessed Thursday!

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