Thursday, November 14, 2013


Thank you to all came to church early to meet with me yesterday about the musical & Santa breakfast. I am excited. I came home last night with the songs in my head & caught myself singing them this morning, so I think Ashley is right & that it just sounded bad to me because of the way the choir on the cd sounds. The more I hear our kid’s voices the better it gets. Thank you also for coming out in such cold weather last night. I know how easy it would have been to have stayed home, ate a bowl of soup & snuggled up on the couch. I appreciate your dedication & faithfulness.
Well, I lied last night. I said I would come home gather my thoughts during the night (when I have something going on, it turns over and over in my mind & I don’t sleep until I know what I want done) but when my head hit the pillow, I was gone. God just gives us what we need. I came home with my mind running in circles about what needs to be done & when & how on earth would it all get done and I actually slept hard all night (Jack didn’t wake me, nor did my bladder…YEAH!!) and I woke up feeling upbeat & more clear on what needs to be done.
So let’s run thru this. All kids are angels. I am ordering white robes for all kids Saturday. Catherine & Candace are going to make sashes for the angel choir. Ashley Davis brought the white lights in last night & the wings for Gabriel.  I am going to get with Randy & see if we can hang the background, which is white sheets with the white lights before that Sunday as long as we leave the choir chairs in place for that Sunday morning. I don’t think he will mind. It would be a huge help not to have to decorate after church that Sunday. Catherine is going to check & see if she has a bunch of white sheets if not we will need those. I have nativity costumes in my SS class so this Sunday I need to make sure I have enough for that. Mary, Joseph & the 3 Wise men need to try them on. Most kids have their CD so we need to really push learning that music. If the music is learned quickly then we can focus on details like the solos & script.  I sent out a text last night that Wednesday night before Thanksgiving there will be no church, but we can’t lose that practice time so I am going to call a special practice that morning from 10-12. I know everyone cannot make that, but I am trying to get a majority. As of right now I am going to call 2 extra Sunday practices at night November 24 & December 1. I am hoping 3:00-5:00 works for everyone. Again going for a majority because I know we all have all kinds of stuff going on right now. We really need to practice the whole hour on Sundays during preaching but this Sunday is “Youth Sunday” and I hate not to be in the service to support the youth so we will leave to go practice after they finish the music portion. The remaining Sundays we will into the choir room as soon as the adult choir heads into the sanctuary. No preaching for us until after musical is over.  Also, on the days were we having 2 hour practices which is a Wednesday & several Sunday nights would anyone be willing to donate some juice boxes and a snack so we can give the children a little break? We have about 30 children.
Santa breakfast is Dec 14, 9am.  I’ll have tickets ready Dec. 1 The breakfast is free but you must have a ticket to enter. Jeremy & Ashley Davis are going to man the ticket table & we will also have people sign in there because we want to gather info on those visiting.  I would love to have a door prize to encourage folks to register so if anyone can help out there that would be great! Todd Clough is going to be Santa again but he will not be coming on the fire truck because his hair was CRAZY last year.  It was like Sammy Hagar meets Santa! Lol Of course, the kids loved him. He has such a sweet spirit! Catherine is going to handle decorating the tree and the background. Catherine is also going to be our picture taker. I had mentioned a printer to print pics out immediately but I think the simplest thing to do would be just to offer if someone doesn’t have a camera to mail them the pic. If they take their own pictures them we will not have to worry about getting one printed out & mailed. Courtney said she would handle printing & mailing.  Wayne Patterson said he would help me cook breakfast & I bet I can talk Bruce Free & Arlo…. I know you are reading this right now, Arlo, into helping too.  Oh if anyone has connections to a reindeer or a horse & buggy that we can get free..that would be awesome too! Clydesdales, a white carriage, cold morning & a stroll through the Bend. Somebody remind me of that next year!!
Last thing! The night of the musical, December 8, I would love to have hot cocoa, coffee, drinks & desserts set up for the children, families & visitors. Would anyone volunteer to handle that? We could get church folks to make desserts.  ANYONE??? COME ON!! I think one of those kids’ songs says I want to be a VOLUNTEER!!! Lol
If anyone has a comment, better way of doing something, something I forgot post a comment on Facebook so we all can see it.  Thank you to the parents for making our children’s dept. possible. Without you bringing your kids to church there would not be a need for any of this. I pray as you go thru the busiest time of the year that you and your family are able to spend some time growing closer to God and focusing on the real meaning of Christmas, JESUS!

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