Monday, December 17, 2012

Sharing Jesus

I know we are all sadden by the events of last week & the weekend but I hope as you watch the little children last night you were able to put the horrific events out of your mind for a few minutes and focus on the story, showing Jesus's love to a person who needed it. My hope and prayer is that we all do as Rebecca & Drew did in the story, step out on faith, take a chance, even a second chance and go to someone you know who is in need of knowing about God's love. As a saved person it is our responsibility to share Jesus with others. I know it is the gift giving season and everyone is running around trying to get the perfect presents, spending crazy amounts of money(my house is no exception to this) but there is no gift you can purchase, no amount of money you can spend that will have have a more lasting affect than Jesus.  So as we give the perfect gifts we have so carefully chosen for our family & friends take a moment & think about the person & question "do they know Jesus?" If not I pray you have the courage and the opportunity to share Jesus with that person. I pray I have that same courage & opportunity too!

Big thank you to anyone who helped w/ the kids program. I had so many people help with this or that. I am blessed to work with wonderful parents and church family who try to help out anyway they can. You should all be so proud of your children. They practiced so hard.....and practice is not fun but they did it because they wanted to share Jesus. I am proud of them!

This Wed. night we are going to have a break & have some deserved fun! I told the kids to bring a snack to share (anything they chose) and we are going to read the Christmas Story & play reindeer games in the gym. This Sunday there will be no children's church during preaching because we will listen to the adult choir perform. Next Wed. night, Dec. 26, there will be no church.

This Friday, at the Gadsden Mall fountain, our children will ring the Salvation Army Bell from 10-6. I have a few hour time slots left to fill so let me know if you would like to be a Bell is something you will never forget! If you are out & about stop by the fountain & drop some change in the pot.

Remember Jason & Lauren Ayres as they take off on this wonderful trip to bring home their children! Remember their children who are home, who I know will miss their parents but look forward to meeting their siblings. Remember Elizabeth & Davidson who are about to be welcomed into one awesome family!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christ centered week!

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