Monday, February 3, 2014

Missing My Church

Good morning. I think many of you know by now I had to miss church & the mission soup lunch due to Jack being sick.  I had to make last minute texts to get SS & children's church covered & last minute info on the lunch relayed. It is a true blessing to know that when uncontrollable things happen our church parents take control & get everything handled.  Thank you to everyone who brought food. I heard we had plenty!! Last night I had told Jami I would run to church today & make sure gym cleaned & get the tables back down for Wed. night & he said no need., that y'all cleaned & took tables down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!Thank you to all those who donated to our cause. We raised about $300. I'll get that to June & she will keep up with that for us & make it seperate from the Disney money we will start collecting for the trip. Remember we need to start making a $100 deposit March 2. So far, we have a good size group planning on going & I am excited. I think this will be a great trip. I do want us to raise more money towards the mission part of the trip but so far we have a good foundation.

I feel like after missing Wed night due to the snow & missing yesterday that I have been gone from church forever! The kids will meet Wed. night for Big City a Studio. We will be doing last weeks lesson. Sunday, Feb. 9, Paula Hopper will help me in children's church. As I said last week, I hope every parent who is on a FB has joined the Whorton Bend Baptist Children's ministry page. I am trying to post blogs I think might help us parents in day to day situations, Bible verses & info on lessons with the hopes that you'll discuss what we discuss at church. I want to encourage you to be involved with you child's Christian walk. I hope you look at me as part of your team because I do want to pray for specific needs or help resolve issues that might affect your child or family. I want to encourage your child to become a Christian & to grow into a stronger Christian.  I also want to encourage you to be vocal. Katie sent me a message last week suggesting a spring break activity. We all have different age children, boys & girls, so you might be aware of something new or fun I don't know about. Anyway, speak up!  February 12 will be our Valentines banquet. We will be having dinner with the King. I'll give you more info on that next week.

I heard the service was great yesterday with people speaking from their hearts. I believe over the past few weeks there has been several new members join. Yesterday, Jason Keenum joined the WBBC family & 2 weeks ago Diane Robinett & her grandson Skylar joined our family. God continues to bless us with growth and visitors.  If we continue to seek God's will and plan for WBBC I am sure God is going to continue to bless us. Y'all keep reaching out and inviting folks. Look for chances God gives you to build relationships with unbelievers. Keep mom in your prayers tomorrow. She is suppose to have a pet scan. Pray her sugar stays down for the test to happen. I believe Haley has a Dr.  apt today, so remember them. Pray for the women's ministry. I know they have an event this coming weekend. Pray for Renee Franklin & her family as she lost her Father last week. Pray for the youth minister search committee. We want to be in tune with God & follow His will. Also, let me say that I know this is the "children's blog" but  I try to include what I am aware of in the whole church so if there is something that needs to be announced of mentioned that doesn't deal with kids, let me know. We are all the body of Christ & I think it only benefits us to have a place to celebrate our whole church & all the wonderful happenings God has going on at a WBBC. Have a blessed week!!

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