Monday, February 10, 2014

I think i have used this title many times.........STEP OUT

Good Monday morning. It looks like we are in for another round of winter weather. I had my one day of playing in the snow and that is enough for me. SPRING, PLEASE HURRY! I thought yesterday was another great day at WBBC. I started out the morning pumped with 14 children just in my SS class, with 4 of those being visitors. I love to see new faces come thru the doors. It just confirms to me that God is still working & moving in peoples’ lives. It is so funny sometimes how God works things out. The lady who sang Amazing Grace yesterday, Vicky Redden, went to church W/ my family at 1St Baptist SS years ago. So we (mom, Joey & Me) are at Jack’s preschool for Thanksgiving lunch and Vicky is there. Mom strikes up a conversation and invites her to come sing at church or even if she doesn’t want to sing she tells her to just come visit with us. So out of that one invite, God moved and we got an amazing testimony & a roof lifting Amazing Grace. As if that wouldn’t be enough, that one invite brought her 2 daughters and their children to church too. I had 2 of the children in CC. That invite opened the door for me to invite the children back Wednesday night to Dinner with The King and a chance to talk to the mom. I keep telling yall to invite people to church. Just the act of inviting one person to church can affect numerous people. If we do our part and get out and tell people about Jesus, if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone just a little and speak to those we do not know or take time to talk to someone you use to know, God will bless that stepping out. Remember people most likely are not going to just ride down Whorton Bend Rd and say, “Oh look at that little country church. Let’s go in and visit.” So are you stepping out and inviting someone to church? Just something to think on.
It looked like there was a large group of students and parents heading out to Winter Jam yesterday afternoon. Who knows what time Jami came in last night but he did say this morning that he had a great time. I am sure the students did too. I hope someone made some pics of some of the adults acting crazy!!! Thank you Arlo and Jeannie.
Yesterday, during children’s church, we learned about David and Goliath. Goliath was a huge man, standing about 9 ft. tall. He was suited in armor from head to toe. Everyone was scared of him, except for this shepherd boy, David. David had gone to the battlefield to deliver food to his brothers who were fighting in the war. Once there, he learned of Goliath and knew with God on his side he could kill the beast of a man. David was offered armor but refused it. He had no spear, no shield, no helmet, just himself, 5 stones and a sling shot. He used 1 stone and took down Goliath with it. That took lots of courage and a true dependence on God. We are faced with tough situations everyday but God can help us have the courage we need to get thru the tough times. Do you depend on him?
This Wednesday night the children will have Dinner with the King. We will be having chicken, corn & mac & cheese in the gym, from 6-7. Please bring your children. This is going to be a great time for them to learn about the presence of Jesus, as his Spirit will head our table, and we are going to focus on the most appropriate Bible verse for Valentine’s and that would be John 3:16. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him would not perish but have everlasting life! This would be a great time to let your child invite a friend! Do not hesitate… this is easy. You call the child’s parent & say,’ My child wanted to invite your child to church this Wed. They have this crazy leader who is planning a dinner for the kids and I think they’ll have fun. Can (insert child’s name) come? I’ll pick him/her up at 5:45.  SEE EASY! I scripted it for you! Lol I also need to mention we will not have children’s church Sunday. There is a singing group coming to church & they will lead us in worship for the entire hour. Save the date for Saturday March 1 for Jumping with Jesus. The children from the nursery-kindergarten will have some time just for themselves in the gym playing on inflatables, story time, balloons & lunch.  The time is 10-12. This is another great chance to invite a family to church. You’ll have time to chat with each other, start building a relationship which might lead to that family coming back to church for another visit.
To my friend (who shall be nameless) that reads my posts every Monday, I love you and I love the way I have seen God grow you. I thank God for you and for the relationship we have. My prayers are with you!
I hope you all have a week filled with blessings & sharing God’s love!

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