Monday, December 16, 2013

Week Before Christmas Message

Good morning! Let me start out by apologizing for not blogging last week. It was a crazy week. I was so proud of the job out angels did performing Hark the Herald Angel. I know they made their families proud. I didn’t get to thank those who helped me with the play last week so I am going to do that now. Ashley Fortenberry did a great job directing & teaching the kids the music. She is so talented. My aunt Debbie said she got a kick out of watching Ashley move those hands & arms directing. We need to get her up to sing in the adult choir! She has a great voice! When we discussed costumes I said I would like some sashes. Catherine McBurnett & Candace Harwood shocked me with the most beautiful sashes. They were handmade & perfect!! They made the costume. Thank you to Bruce & Wendy Benefield for making our painting our sign & Tom Coley for building it. Thank you to Tyla, Courtney & Teresa for whatever I needed. They helped watch kids, change costumes, build a manger & serve supper. Thank you to Arlo for recording the program and providing us with copies. If you still need one there are a few on the table in the hall. (WE NEED TO DISCUSS YOU HAVING ME ON IN THE BEGINNING…THE KIDS MADE FUN OF MY HAND MOVEMENTS & CONSTANT FEET SHUFFLING…NEXT TIME LEAVE ME OFF PLEASE!)Thank you to those who supplied snacks for practice, brought in decorations & those who handled getting the desserts set up. I am so thankful to God for each individual who took part in helping making “Hark” a successful night. I pray that someone who saw it got a little bit of Jesus that night & the seed has begun to grow!
I forgot to mention the Santa Breakfast when I did announcements yesterday. Thank you to Catherine & Candace for the decorating! They did a fabulous job! Santa did a great job too. He is such a special man & has a huge heart for children! Thank you to the cooks… Bruce Free, Wayne Fortenberry & Wayne Patterson. They were up early & they worked hard! Thank you to Josh, Glenda, Lindsey, Teresa, Debbie & our youth for helping too! For a rainy cold morning, we had a great turn out. Some people did not show up but we had 80+ there with many visitors. It was a great morning.
The children will have a Christmas party this Wed. night 6-7 in the gym. I’ll pick up the cupcakes & I’ll message everyone else & see if they can bring something. It will be a fun night; we’ll eat, play a few reindeer games & sing a few “fun carols”.
During Sunday school, this coming Sunday we will learn the story of the “Birth of Jesus.” This is a very special lesson so please have your children in SS. There will be no children’s church that Sunday, Dec. 22 or the Sunday after, Dec. 29.

We have one more night to sing. This coming Sunday night, December 22, we will have a special evening service at 6:00. The adult choir will sing, Joey will read the Christmas story, we will partake in the Lord’s Supper & the children will sing one song. We practiced Away in a Manger yesterday during children’s church. Again, this is another great night to invite visitors to church.
I think this is the last thing. Dec. 23, we are down to ring the Salvation Army bell at the Gadsden Mall fountain. This has turned into a wonderful tradition for the WBBC children & youth. Our hours are 10-8 and right now 10, 11 & 4 are taken. Please let me know what hour your family would like to sign up for. Most of the time the kids just jingle the bucket & parents watch from a bench. I have so many wonderful memories of children caroling while they collected money, I have seen a child show up dressed as Mickey Mouse, I have seen families share hours and bond together & I have had so many strangers walk up and complement our children for serving. Please don’t miss out on this…. You will be so blessed by participating. Let me know what hour you can fill!
I hope as you run from party to party this week, hit the stores for last minute gifts or for those who are just starting to shop that you’ll take time to remember that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. If you haven’t incorporated Jesus into your Christmas festivities at home, step out this year and start adding Him. Tell your kids this year on Christmas Eve we are going to sit around the tree and read the story of Jesus’s birth, ask the kids why Jesus is important to them, explain that the gifts are nice but the greatest gift was born to a virgin in a manger with animals, or be the one that speaks up before the Christmas meal and offers to bless the food. I think you’ll find as you add more Jesus year after year that the other things will fade in importance. I hope this is the most wonderful Christmas for the WBBC families!

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