Monday, June 10, 2013

Summertime Got Me

Sorry I am running late with the blog post. Summertime got me. I have been enjoying some time w/ just the twins at the pool. It is amazing how quickly kids grow up. I wanted to thank all of our adults who helped with the dinner and animal show last Sat. night. The youth really stepped up and helped too. Some of you didn’t see the earlier work they were doing, but I had guys moving chairs & girls blowing up balloons. I tell my boys when we are working like we were that day, those times aren’t about what anyone else is doing. It is all about individually serving God. I just hope they grow up wanting to serve and it not feel like a chore or requirement to them.
Jaime, whose name also happens to be Jamie Christopher, from 6th day creatures, was great with the kids. I thought about his “performance” and he reaffirmed my view that we don’t have to shove God down the kid’s throats. He had fun with the kids and definitely spoke of God and how he created everything, but it wasn’t an hour long sermon on creation. He got his point across with humor and excitement for God’s creatures.  I had such a good time watching the kids laugh and I think some of the youth & adults enjoyed the show just as much, if not more than some of the kids. We had visitors in God’s house and that was AWESOME!!!!
This Wed. night Katie Smith will be teaching missions and I’ll be with the 5th grade girls at Sonic. We are winding down to their last few months in the children’s dept.  Next Wed. night will be the swimming party at Jason & Ashley Fortenberry’s. This Sunday is Father’s Day. Instead of breakfast, like we did with the Moms, the kids will have a special treat for Dad. So make sure they come to Sunday school so we can work on that treat. I am thankful for our Father’s! So thankful for my heavenly Father! I hope you all have a great week and really focus on God!!

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