Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't Be Like Milli Vanilli

I am sitting at my computer desk & I glanced at all these old CD’s from years past. I notice Milli Vanilli which gets me to thinking. Milli Vanilli was a pop duo from the 80’s who had a very popular song called ‘Girl You Know It’s True”. They were very popular & became famous. The problem was everyone thought they were these great singers but the truth was that they were lip singing. The looked like they were real singers but they used someone else’s voice & danced around moving their mouths. They were so good at the deception. If you watched MTV, and let me tell you this girl watched hours of MTV, you would never know they weren’t the singers. They were fakes, frauds, not what they seemed to be. So this morning I saw a post from Joyce Meyer. Funny how God shows you the same theme to get your mind to rolling, anyway the post from Joyce Meyer was wherever you go, make a decision to represent God. Are you like Milli Vanilli? Do you act different at church than you do at home? Do you say one thing at church but do another when you are at work. What about when you hang out with friends? Are you doing things you would never want your church family to see? Are you representing God in everything you do, every place you go? If you only play church then I think it is a heart thing. The heart is not right with God. If your heart is right with God you will strive to do what is right. You will strive to do God’s will.  You will strive to be more Christ like in every situation, every place you go and every person you are around. That gets me to the men at church. I understand there was no preaching yesterday, just open heart talking. We have some great men at WBBC, great women too. Life experiences that have brought some to their knees, tested people and they have overcome, survived with God’s help. I say that because if there is something you are going thru more than likely there is someone in our church who has gone thru it. As a Christian church family we can turn to each other for help. Don’t sit back and think you are the only person experiencing whatever it is; don’t act like all is ok, when it isn’t. Go to Joey, go to your Sunday school teacher, go to a church elder. I am willing to bet any of those people will be glad to listen, to pray for you and if they haven’t dealt with your situation before I am pretty sure they will know someone in our church who has. Lots of life experience at WBBC….take advantage of it! Not be like Milli Vanilli, singing & dancing around like all is ok, when it isn’t. Sorry yall, I know I ramble and I can’t get my point across well but I hope yall understood what I was getting at. Now to the kid stuff!

I want to thank Mrs. Leslie. She teaches SS for children 4 yrs. old-1st grade. She had the best cards made for Father’s Day yesterday. She is always prepared for her class and shows such patience with the little ones. I am so excited Jack will be 4 in July & he will get to move up to her class in Sept. She might not be looking forward to that, hehe, but I am!! I also wanted to thank Rebecca Ayres. She did a great job presenting a slide show on the orphans in China. She has a big heart for those children and I think it is wonderful she is willing to work hard and show others about them. She will be collecting money to take to the orphanage when she goes in August, to help towards anything those children need. If you wish to donate please let Rebecca know. I have encouraged the kids to bring extra change they have and we have a jar to place it in. Be in prayer for the Ayres as they travel back to China this time to provide care and relief.  VBS will be here before we know it, so be in prayer about how you can help. Allison will meet with us this Sunday after church, so be ready to step up & say, “I’ll do that!!” This Wed. night the kids will leave the church at 6 pm to go right down the street to Jason & Ashley Fortenberry’s for the swim party. They need to bring a towel, inflatables but no flippers and if a girl wears a 2 piece bathing suit they need to wear a t-shirt over it.  If you have a very young child you need to accompany them to the swim party. I know I’ll need a few moms to go. If it rains, we will stay at church & practice our song we are performing June 30.  I hope I didn’t leave anything out.  Invite someone to church & have a blessed week!!

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