Friday, June 14, 2013

June 16

I wanted to encourage the parents with children in Leslie's & my Sunday school classes to bring your kids to class this Sunday. Rebecca Ayres is planning on showing the children a slide show, in my room, on Chinese babies. She will be explaining how the Hill family cares for them and how her family is going back to China in August to help.  God has blessed Rebecca with a heart full of compassion for these babies so I know this video will be informative and hopefully eye opening to all who see it. Sunday is also Father's Day and the children will be making cards & getting their treats ready for Dad. So please be on time, 9:45, because we will have a lot to do! Be in prayer for Rebecca & of course, our Father's and the Father's of our children. The devil looks for ways to bring these men down. As wife's & mothers we need to pray for these men daily, lift them up & be their encourager's. If your Father or husband is not in church, this is an awesome day to invite him. Lure him in with a gift because I know June will have a Father's Day present for all the Father's in the church. Once he is in church & hears the word of God, feels His spirit moving.....God will handle the rest! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday & Saturday and I see you at church on Sunday!

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