Sunday, January 13, 2013


When I left church today Arlo said, "I can't wait to see what the blog says tomorrow." I really don't know what to say...I know that is hard to believe but seriously, wasn't it all said today? How Great is Our God summed it up! He took this old church with very few people, but they were dedicated & faithful people, placed a very young, inexperienced youth minister there, placed new people there, took the older minister away, used the young inexperienced youth minister to become the very good but still young minister, grew the church with people who had willing hearts, grew the church some more, grew enough to hire a youth minister, took the youth minister & his family to an out of the country missionary path, took a dedicated church member & his wife to help out while we searched for a youth minister, grew the church but there was broken hearts over the previous youth minister being gone, added a huge group of boys to the youth dept. which caused feelings of division among the group, hired the church member to be the youth minister & and they go to Winter Extreme and we wake up today to a Youth Service. The youth service was about a coming together, supporting each other, showing the church the excitement they shared together and praising God together. To get to today there was lots of prayer, lots of conversation, lots of patience, lots of let's just wait and see, more prayer & still even more prayer and today just shows us again, if we follow God's direction, come to Him in prayer & just be patient, He answers everything in His own time. Not Arlo's time, not Joey's time, not the youth search committee's time & not the youth's time. He answers it on His time & that time is always right & sooo worth the wait. As a parent of youth and a WBBC church member I was so proud of our youth group today. They worshipped their way! They did such a good job with the skit, the music & speaking. I love that our church is a place where people can just stand up and say what is on there heart. I love that our church welcomes children and youth and really shows up and supports them when they have an event. Hearts were changed over this. Adults and youth bonded over Winter Extreme. How Great is our God , sing with me how great is our God and all will say how great, how great is our God!

On a funnier note, Jami has been to Gadsden music many times this week adding to the drum collection. He was also given some monetary Christmas gifts from his family for each of us this past week. So last night, as he was heading out to Ignite w/ the youth, he asked me if I had any cash. I replied," no, but if you have our Christmas money go ahead and use that. " He replied," I used your money this week and I didn't think you would care since it was going to further God's work!' Don't even tell him I posted this because he would probably be so embarrassed. I really didn't care either...he was right it was used for God' s work and I guess my heart was changed since I am ok with all the drum stuff!

"Big City Studio" this Wed. night. I hope to see all the kids. We have a new set so I am looking forward to using it. please get out an invite someone. The children will have a soup lunch Jan. 27 with donations going towards the Chattanooga trip. I can't wait to see what does at WBBC this year. He has already done so much for us but I know He has even more in store. How Great is our God, sing with me How great is our God and all will sing how great, how great is our God.

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