Friday, July 17, 2015

VBS Day 4

We had another great night at VBS. God has blessed us with a great week. I believe we had 95 kids attend last night. We had 118 kids visit WBBC at least one time this week. By the time we finish serving food tonight our fabulous kitchen ladies will have served close to 900 plates of food to children, some parents and youth and adult workers. No telling how many snacks were served. We can definitely say people left WBBC with full stomachs. It's a blessing to be able to say that. It was also a blessing to have several ladies who wouldn't normally get a chance to help with VBS just show up and jump right in. June White, Mary Pruitt & Kaye Gann have already put their time in working VBS's years ago but came on out anyway and helped. Kaye said she just wanted to get to know some of the church ladies she doesn't normally get to socialize with during church. Love theses 3 ladies!

Last night I taught on Saul persecuting Christians and him turning his heart over to God, becoming Paul and then traveling the world to share the message of Jesus. I was able to talk about The Mayos being missionaries and how we can go out to our school, dance, cheer, gym classes and sporting events and be a witness for Jesus like Paul and the Mayos. We also talked about being the light and how we should want people to see Jesus in us. So I ask you, are people seeing Jesus in you? Do your actions show Jesus lives in you? Do the words you speak to someone or about someone show Jesus lives in you? How do you treat people? Will they look at you and see our Father? Just something to think about.

For the final night of GLOW VBS, we are doing something a little different this yr. Tonight is "family night". We have welcomed in the children and their families to watch a glow show, see their children perform VBS songs and have a meal with us. Continue to pray as we go into tonight. We have had lots of visiting children which has meant visiting moms or dads dropping their children off. Tonight is our chance to get the parents in to WBBC for more than a few minutes, show them some friendliness and socialize as we serve them a meal. I am excited about this. Pray that as God has made the week go so smoothly that tonight is no exception. Pray for those of us actually cooking the meal today. Pray for the children that is anyone is feeling Jesus knock on their hearts that they will have the courage to let someone know. Pray for the parents coming into WBBC tonight, that if they do not know Jesus, the seed gets planted tonight! Thank you for all the previous prayers and how you have supported VBS 2015. God has been with us!

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