Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vbs day 1

I woke up with my mom on my mind! We buried her this time last year. I didn't wake up sad. I woke up thinking of God's amazing power. Last year Joey preached his own Mother's funeral and he was only able to do that because of God's amazing power. I know He gave Joey the strength, words and courage to do what he needed him to do. So here I am a year later, sitting in awe again of God's power. I asked for VBS prayers, you prayed and God heard.  God showed His power last night! Last years VBS first night numbers were 75 kids, verses last night 102 kids. Now don't tell me God doesn't have power. He has the power and ability to bring children to where they need to be!

Now I know our volunteers are worn out this morning but I want to give you some hope to cling to as you get even more tired as you go thru the week and a reason for why we put so much energy, time and money into VBS. I don't remember what age group I was teaching last night but I was tossing the GLOW beach ball and asking the child who caught it to tell me something about Jesus, anything they know, things they pray for.. Just anything about Jesus. I called on a child I didn't know. He said,"He didn't know anything to say about Jesus because his parents never take him to church." Praise God he is at church this week! This is our 1 chance to plant the seed of Jesus. This one child is the reason for VBS! Pray for this child! Pray for his family! Pray that this week is the week that changes children and families, that this is the week they come to know Jesus!!

Thank you to those of you who are volunteering! You are making VBS possible! Get some rest, if you can and continue to pray! I'll see you tonight!

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