Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day! Unfortunately, it looks like we have 6 more weeks of winter. Lol Only God truly knows what tomorrow holds so I am hoping spring comes quicker than 6 weeks! I wanted to share a conversation I had with the twins recently. They will be moving into 9 th grade this coming August and we were talking about college. Lots of questions about how college works, different degree programs, explaining money (such as you will live off  Ramen noodles so learn to eat them now) and yes it is possible to work while you are in college. I have one child who is dead set on being a lawyer and one not forsure what his path may be.  I appruptly stopped our conversation and told the boys we need to take a different path with this. We really need to be looking at your future from a different standpoint. Instead of saying I want to be a lawyer or I want my child to go to school here or there and be this or that, we should be saying we need to pray that you follow God's plan for your life. We need to pray that God shuts doors that will lead you to the wrong choices. That you are in tune with God to feel Him direct you in the path you need to go. No matter what career path you take, if God has directed it then you will be blessed. Even though the boys care nothing about talking about girls with me, I told them the same thing is true about their future wives. We need to be in prayer now that God directs them to the right woman one day and pray as they date that if this isn't the right person for them that God will close that door. It is so exciting watching your children grow up and experience life. I know we have lots of seniors making huge life choices right now. I pray they have asked God what does He want them to do and they follow His path. Alright, I am done with my parenting stuff now to the kids!

We have about 20 kids going on the Gburg trip and about 15 parents. I have sent texts and posted on fb that I needed to know who wanted to go by last Friday so unfortunately the trip is now closed. Reservations have been made. Fliers are going home this week at both local elementary schools about our Parents Night Out. We need this to be a huge success to help pay for the trip. Please share the info with your friends on fb.

This Wednesday night in the Kidz Zone we will continue with our lessons on how God blessed Joseph. The children will have a Valentine's party, in the gym, Wednesday night , February 11. We will have a Valentine's "science" lesson, games and lots of snacks. I want to encourage you to keep your children involved, not just on Wednesday nights, but Sunday's too. Sunday school is where we learn the deeper lessons about Jesus. If you are not in Sunday school, there is a class for you at WBBC. If your not for sure where to go, ask me!

I hope you all have a blessed week. I missed my kiddos Sunday so I look forward to seeing everyone Wednesday night!

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