Sunday, February 8, 2015

Good evening. I have a crazy busy week coming up so I wanted to go ahead and get the blog info out to y'all tonight. I wanted to tell you about children's church today. You know those conversation hearts that come out at valentines and they say things like "text me", "bff" or "cutie", well I asked the kids if God was to send us conversation hearts, what would they say. They gave some really good answers and I wanted to share them. Envision God sending you a box of conversation heart candy and as you pull a heart out of the box it reads, "you're special". Another one reads, "you're loved".  You continue to pull heart candy out and word after word is meant for you as a message from God. "You're beautiful, you're handsome, you're mine, you're smart, you're kind, you are wanted, I hear you, let's talk, I am with you, you are not alone, you have a purpose and you are a child of the one true king." Just envisioning that gives me goosebumps. How uplifting it would be for not just children but for us adults to see or hear those words everyday. How awesome would it be if us parents spoke those words to our children. I pray as our children go thru the week of "love" that they remember some of these sayings and remember that no matter how this world judges them or characterizes them that God  loves them and thinks they are pretty special.

Wednesday night the children will meet in the gym from 6-7 for a a Valentine's party. We are going to have a Christian science lesson about the hardening and softening of our hearts, play some games, and eat snacks. I am bringing the cupcakes and drinks, I have 2 people bringing chips and some bags of candy but we would love some other snacks so parents feel free to indulge us :)) This would be a great night to let your child invite a friend.

I want to remind everyone that Saturday night is our Parents Night Out. It is a fundraiser for the Gatlinburg trip. If you need childcare for Valentines night please keep us in mind and share the info with other parents. We will also be having a fundraiser night at Deorios on February 23. I'll be sending more info out on that soon.

Please remember to keep Kyle Patterson in your prayers tomorrow as he has surgery. Remember his parents, Chris and Amber too,  because as parents we all know the worry and concern for our babies. Keep Cooper Jones in your prayers as he continues to slowly improve.  Be on the look out on the Whorton Bend Kidz Zone page as I continue to introduce y'all to our fabulous teacher in the children's dept. Remember  Mrs. Vicki has been working with our 4 and 5 yr olds and they will sing 2 songs Sunday. I am encouraging Jack this week not to say or do anything CRAZY!! I hope you all have a blessed week!

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