Sunday, February 26, 2017

Are You Investing In Your Child's Spiritual Life?

I know it's been forever since I blogged. Those of you who know me, know that I don't sleep a lot. I think at night, many times I am in prayer for a while.  I was praying late Saturday night and God gave me some thoughts.  I was thinking about how people invest in their own spiritual lives, by praying, reading the Bible, by doing extra Bible studies, going to Christian events,  and reading Christian books but do we invest in our children's spiritual lives? Are you reading the Bible with your child, do you do a Bible study with your child, are you discussing with your child what they learned at church (almost every Sunday your child has a paper with the lesson and Bible verse we studied in Sunday school, most the time the kids do not take them home and they end up thrown away), are you praying with them, taking them to Christian events and worshiping with them. As adults we invest in our own spiritual life but isn't our child's spiritual life just as important if not more since they might not have asked Jesus into their heart yet? You might say, well I have them in church Wednesday nights and Sundays. You have yourself in church Wednesday and Sunday too but do you only pray on those days because your Pastor is there with you? No.. you pray daily.  Do you listen to worship songs only Wednesdays and Sundays? Most of you probably listen to some sort of worship music during the week. Do you only look at scripture on Wednesday and Sunday? Probably not. My point is if you are investing in your own spiritual life, why would we not put that same emphasis or concern or even drive into investing into our child's spiritual life. Take notice.. I am not saying anyone is or isn't and this sure isn't to criticize or critique anyone it's just to make us all think, all of us no matter our kids ages. It made me think. Do I invest in my children's spiritual lives? Not as much as I need to.  Think on it!

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