Monday, December 8, 2014

Good morning! I hope you all enjoyed the children's musical last night. I thought they did great and was so proud of each of them. With the happiness of the play also comes the saddness that some of the kids will be moving on to youth and last night was their last kids play. They just grow up too quickly!
This month is moving by so fast so let me get to telling you what all we still have for the month of December. This Wednesday night, December 10, the kids will have a  lesson up in the Kidz Zone.  Sunday, December 14, the kids will have a Christmas lesson and snacks during children's church.  Parents, if you would send a snack that would be great. Next Wednesday night, December 17, will be our last Wednesday night to meet for December or at least I think it will be since Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are both falling on Wednesday this year. Again, I could be wrong.  So for our presumed last Wednesday night, I think we will take a little trip to River Country Campground and see the Christmas lights. I will need a few mom's to drive that can hold several kids in their vehicles and I'll drive the van. The kids  & moms who drive children will be free. The cost is $5.00 for anyone else who chooses to go. We will leave the church at 6:00 and should be back by 7:00. Let me know if you want to drive.  There will be no children's church Sunday, December 21, so we can listen to the adult cantata.  Breakfast with Santa is Saturday, December 20, 8:30 am. I still have tickets available but the absolute last day to get them is Sunday, December 14 because I need to have a total to prepare for food purchases. Also remember WBBC will be ringing the Salvation Army bell, Monday, December 22. If you would like to volunteer for a hour shift let me know. We still have 2-5 and 7:00 available. Jump on one of these hours for your kids or your whole family. Being a bell ringer is a service opportunity you'll never forget. I'll never forget my first experience ringing the bell. I was a part time worker at the Rainbow City Kmart, probably about 18 yrs old. I always thought it looked fun so  I volunteered to work Christmas Eve which back then was extremely busy day at Kmart. Tons of people came by. I had a great time seeing people I knew! Then this lady walked up, put some money in the kettle and told me that yrs ago, she was in need, a single mom & her power was about to be turned off and the Salvation Army helped her in her time of need. The woman was very sincere and thank me for volunteering. At that moment, it meant so much more than just having fun and seeing people I knew.  It was about serving others. What better way to show the love of Jesus than to give up your time and serve others. So.. Grab an hour spot!

As we move closer to Christmas, I hope you'll remember the words of "Mrs.Taylor" and remember that we all get so busy trying to make Christmas happen, we forget it already happened, along time ago in Bethlehem. It isn't just about Christmas time but today and forever. I know we all have a lot going on.. But I hope you slow down and take in the special moments, times, sights and feelings. I hope you reflect on what a special time of year this truly is. Reflect on how awesome the Christmas story is.  Reflect on a virgin Mother delivering Baby Jesus. How awesome that night must have been for Joseph and Mary to see Baby Jesus and know He was to be the Saviour!  Have a blessed week y'all!

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