Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Spring Break week of wait.. That should be Happy Back to Winter week. Ugh! I am so thankful that we did not have this weather last night at the zoo. Speaking of the zoo, we had a great time last night. We didn't see a huge amount of animals but we did have a great time hanging out together. I love when we have a chance to socialize outside of the church because it allows time to get to know the children and parents better. I had know idea that Ashley Fortenberry was terrified of frogs! Anyway, it was a great night! 

I wanted to do something different than the regular Wednesday night lesson tomorrow night & possibly the next few Wednesday nights since our room is under construction so tomorrow night I'll be loading the kids onto the WBBC crazy bus and we will be heading to the Southside McDonalds. I'll be treating them to a ice cream or shake & then we will be demonstrating a few random acts of kindness to some drive thru customers. I'll need a few parents to help transport the children & help once there. We will leave the church at 6:00 & be back at 7:15. 

Now let's talk about the new children's room. First, thank you who helped with the demolition Saturday. I hope many of you got a chance Sunday to look at our area & get a glimpse of our vision. I don't know how many weeks until this project is complete. I did ask but a certain contractor I know would not answer me! I do know the electrician is suppose to come replace all our lights this week. I am excited about the renovation & I really think this is going to be a great spot for us to worship & grow closer to Jesus!

The Easter Egg Hunt will be April 12 @ 2 pm. Sam the balloon man will deliver the gospel to the children & then we will hunt eggs. Sam will stick around and make balloons for the kids. I have 2 moms who have volunteered to work the prize tent. I still need a parent or 2 to hand out popcorn. I'll need some to help set up that morning too. I need a person to be the EB. The women will be selling baked goods that day with proceeds raised going to support  their mission activities. I gave emailed the radio stations, local papers & signs are being printed up but the best form of communication is word of mouth so we need you to invite others. Think of people who are not  in a local church and step out, God will give you the words, and invite others. 

Reminder that Disney deposits need to be coming in. I still have Martin's benefit tickets if you want to sell them for Disney. 

Keep Wendy in your prayers as she continues to heal, my mom too.  Josh McBurnett will have surgery April 2 so remember him , Catherine and the kids in your prayers as the times approaches. Remember "In Like Ben" as they perform at a youth rally April 4&5. The Ayres arrived back home this past Friday with their new son John. I am sure they still need our prayers as they try to get back to their daily routines & John gets use to his new family. I hope you all have a blessed week! I look forward to seeing you all at church this week!

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