Monday, January 13, 2014

Following What They Learn

Good morning! Wasn’t church just wonderful yesterday? Everyone seemed so upbeat and excited to be in God’s house. God blessed us with more new visitors and that is always exciting to me! My Sunday school class was packed to the rim and that pumps me up before I ever make it to preaching. I just love a classroom full of kids!
In children’s church I talked about evil leaders of Israel from the past and how they lead the Israelites down an evil path & how God dealt with those leaders. (I know that sounds boring but there was more to it than just evil leaders) We talked about how a good leader acts and how a bad leader acts. The reason I mention that now is because the Israelites followed their evil leader & did evil things. So this morning in my house (I know the twins would die if they knew I used them for my blog, but we have to use what we have to use when it comes to making a point for God! Lol) I get hit right in the face with the fact that my boys have been following THIS leader. I am a procrastinator, so they have learned to be procrastinators. Judson had a huge book he was supposed to read. We have known about it for a month. We bought it 2 weeks ago. I reminded him over & over to start reading. I assumed he had started. We were busy Friday night, He was at a quiz bowl Saturday, went to a friend’s house Sat. night, church Sunday morning & boom we get home yesterday afternoon & he says I have to read my book today, it is due tomorrow. He is a fast reader so I really thought he could do it. He did. The point is that he shouldn’t have waited until the night before to do his work. He learned that from me. I will put off anything I can, esp. house work, which is piled to the rim & overflowing right now. So he learned from his leader. So now you’re probably saying what does this have to do with God. Our children learn by what they see us doing or not doing. If your child sees you handling a tough situation with prayer, calmness & reliance upon God then they will prob learn to do the same. They might see you handle it with anger, arguing, fit pitching & so they will learn to do the same. If you place value on being at church most Sundays, chances are they will too. If you pick up your bible and read in front of your children or too your children, they will be more likely to read theirs too. I have blogged on this several times before… kids learn by example. So what kind of leader are you being to your children? Think on it. I am this morning. Are we acting & leading the way we want our children to act & lead?
Last week I mentioned children’s church and that we have so many kids we will probably need some volunteers. I know we have had parents volunteer to teach but I like consistency & I like for the kids to know who is going to be with them, plus if we have a child visit & I am not in their teaching I might never get a chance to meet them or their parent which is why I teach it most Sundays. WE DO NOT HAVE CHILDEN”S CHURCH this coming Sunday because the youth are giving testimonies from Winter Extreme but starting Jan. 26 I am going to need 1 volunteer each week. I still plan on doing the teaching but I would like another adult to help with behavior issues, bathroom visits for the littler ones & just general helping watch over so many children. Some of you might want to teach, if that is the case I’ll do the watching the children for you. So I am going to start out with just from Jan 26 – the end of March for the 1st schedule. Please let me know if you would be willing to go to CC with me and watch over the kids. I would like a couple to teach CC Feb. 9 so I can have a Sunday in preaching. Does this make sense? I need a volunteer, woman or man every Sunday for CC & on Feb 9 two people, one willing to teach so I can stay in preaching & get recharged.  If I confused anyone let me know.
Last Wed. night, we had a child saved!!! Isn’t that awesome???? This Wed. night we will be back to Big City Studio unless God moves me again to go in a different direction like last week. The young children, 4s & 5s, will be back into their own class too. We will meet in the gym and then let their leaders; Ashley, Courtney & Donna take them to their class. I am going to mention to the older children about starting a bible drill group. I think it will benefit them when it comes to being more aware & knowledgeable about where verses are located in the bible. I’ll let you know more when we have a definite plan. I wanted to pass on a few ideas for the future. For the past 2 years the youngest children have had a day just for themselves, having pizza & inflatables on a Saturday. I am thinking on doing that again but maybe adding more to it. Let me know what you think if you have a child younger than 5. I had also mentioned when we 1st started discussing a Disney trip that we would do no Spring Break trip this year. I am leaning towards a one day trip, something inexpensive but fun. I like it when we travel together because it gives parents a chance to get to know each other better & the children a chance to bond even more. I am, still interested in the animal safari place so I’ll get some info & let you all know ASAP. If any of you have suggestions please let me know. Also, as we grow it is very hard to keep up with visitors. If you invite someone with children & they come to church, if you don’t mind, send me a text or message with a reminder of their names & maybe a contact number or you could even send me that in advance so I can try to start remembering the name. I try to reach back to those who visit & Facebook seems to be a great tool to locate them, but sometimes they do not do fb. A few last things. Bible Trivia is missing from my room. I actually had 2 & can’t find either. If anyone has seen them please let me know.
Reminder the about the soup lunch for raising money for the mission portion of the Disney trip will be Feb. 2. Be thinking about what soup, stew or chili you would like to make. I’ll be getting up a list the week before. If you have questions about the Disney mission trip please read last weeks blog post.
Thank you so much for the calls, texts & messages pertaining to Mom last week. You have all been so encouraging & we are thankful for each of you. Continue to keep the Mayos in your prayers as they began this new chapter of their lives. I know they are going to touch many lives for God! I hope you have a blessed week! Feel free to call me, text me or email me if you have any questions or if you would like to help in the children’s ministry!

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